This part of the documentation will give a high level overview of the different functions that pylibsass provides.

Libsass API

One of the goals of pylibsass if to provide a wrapper around the few functions that the libsass API provides. Currently, it only implements one of the functions, compile():

>>> import pylibsass.sass as sass
>>> sass.compile(".test { color: red; }")

Not all of the exposed libsass API functions are exposed yet, but that is coming soon.


Since you probably don’t want to be detecting changes to files, reading them, calling the compile() function, and then writing them out to a CSS file, pylibsass leverages the Watchdog library to handle that for you:

>>> import pylibsass
>>>"app/static/scss", "app/static/css")

Any changes in the source directory (app/static/scss) will be automatically compiled to the destination directory (app/static/css).

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